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Our passion for poetry guides us to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in the infinite possibilities of the written word. We conduct workshops, contests, outreach programs and readings to promote poetry in the community.

2014 Finishes with a FINE LINE-UP at Poetry at the Point

check out Poetry at the Point's line-up on the Readings Page.  Last reading of 2014.... be THERE!

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Kwansaba: Poeting with Friends at  'Lit in the Lou'*
(St. Louis Book Festival, Saturday, October 11, 2014)

By Eugene B. Redmond, East St. Louis, Illinois

The DumasTwainCastro River splits/unites
Delmar's heart of poetry at Chuck's Duck
Room on Blueberry Hill. Michael hosts high
grain voices--soul-lit ore that Shirley
plants for trumpet-man Floyd LeFlore. Like
rivers & poetrees, tongues rise & roar
over Harlem, Dunhamville & Planet Ferguson's shore.

*The First Annual St. Louis Book Festival, held October 10-12 in the Delmar
Loop, drew scores of poets/writers to several venues, including tents, a book
store, a library, a municipal building, a gallery & the Duck Room in Blueberry
Hill. Delmar Boulevard, one of the most fabled streets in St. Louis, runs the
length of the city & is a racial dividing line.  (Reprinted with permission)

The Saint Louis Literary Consortium is the literary arts collaborative hosting LIT in the LOU.  Founding members are St. Louis Poetry Center, St. Louis Writers Guild, PenUltimate Press, Blank Slate Press, Walrus Publishing.  Membership is open to all orgs and businesses, once our non-profit status clears.  Join us in the planning now, (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). also see

The Volunteer extraordinaire award goes to Ed Kindley who  manned the booth the full day.  Only two poets took advantage of the opportuntiy to sell in the SLPC booth: congrats to Wanita Zumbrunnen and Suzanne Rhodenbaugh!  The SLLC will announce the "2015 Lit in the Lou" soon.... plan to be a part.  Check out the photos in the GALLERY!

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A diverse group of local poets read for the final reading of 2014.  check it out and plan to be there, the Tuesday before that stuffed-feeling Thursday. (!)

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