Poetry at the Point


Poetry at the Point is held at The Focal Point in Maplewood on the 4th Tuesday of the month.  This reading series invites local and regional poets, and established and up-and-coming poets to share their words.

The Focal Point is at 2720 Sutton.  Parking is free in the lot on nearby Marietta Avenue or street parking.  Readings start at 7:30 p.m. Refreshments available at the Maya Cafe next door.  For more information or to read for the series contact Poetry at the Point Curator, Andrea Scarpino at [email protected]

January 22, 2019
7:30 p.m.

María T. Balogh

María T. Balogh is a bilingual, bicultural poet, fiction writer, performing Caribbean folkloric dancer, occasional doodler/painter, and educator. She dances and MCs for “Grupo Atlántico” a Caribbean Folkloric dance group affiliated with MAC, where she often performs her original poetry related to the dances. She has a book of poetry in Spanish by Ediciones Torremozas, a Spanish publisher, and a collection of poetry and fiction in English by Cool Way Press. Her fiction and poetry have been published in several different journals from the USA and South America, including Bellerive, Untamed Ink, Literalchaos 2008 and Bad Shoe. She has been all over and done just about everything, including building rural aqueducts while in the Peace Corps. She now teaches Spanish, specializing in Latin American literature and culture, and creative writing at University of Missouri–St. Louis.

Joanna Fuentes

Joanna Fuentes is an Engineer with a Master of Business Administration from St. Louis University. She works for a Software Company as consulting Practice Leader for the LatAm region. Her job involves firsthand exposure to technology and traveling, which allow her to experience different cultures, landscapes and human ingenious capabilities. These experiences are precisely the source of inspiration for her writing. Joanna has felt the spark of writing since age 10, when she wrote her first ‘book’ using an old typing machine to depict a series of adventures of a tourist in Greece. Since then, she has written poetry booklets, a travel blog and a variety of essays and articles. She feels compelled to share through poetry her feelings of appreciation and love for nature’s wisdom, the beauty of the planet we live in and the talents that human beings can develop for positive influence in the world. Given that we are surrounded by challenges such as injustice and war, she opts to use Art – the art of writing – to counterbalance and covey a message of joy, gratefulness and contemplation of beauty. More Art and Less War is Joanna’s motto.

Lorenzo F. Gonzalez

Lorenzo F. Gonzalez was born in Cuba and lives in University City, MO. He has degrees in several disciplines from several countries: Nuclear Physics and Electronics from Hungary; Computers Science from Sweden and the United States; Education from University of Missouri–St. Louis. He is an instructor in the Political Science department at UMSL where he teaches Comparative Politics and Political Systems in South America, Central America and the Caribbean. For many years he has taught Advanced Conversational Spanish course at St. Louis Community College. His book To Return to Cuba was published in 2017 in English and Spanish.

Alondra Lenis

Alondra Lenis was born in Mexico City, Mexico in 1983. She is the second child of three daughters. She was raised by a single mother. She is currently in her third year at University of Missouri–St. Louis, studying psychology in the arts. She has a folkloric group where she teaches kids her culture and traditional dances. She works part time in housekeeping and is raising her only child by herself. He is one of her inspirations to do poetry as well!