Poetry at the Point


Poetry at the Point is held at The Focal Point in Maplewood on the 4th Tuesday of the month.  This reading series invites local and regional poets, and established and up-and-coming poets to share their words.

The Focal Point is at 2720 Sutton.  Parking is free in the lot on nearby Marietta Avenue or street parking.  Readings start at 7:30 p.m. Refreshments available at the Maya Cafe next door.  For more information or to read for the series contact Poetry at the Point Curator, Andrea Scarpino at [email protected]

August 27, 2019
7:30 p.m.

Robert Langellier

Robert Langellier is a freelance journalist, conservationist, and ex-long-haul trucker.  His stories, often on ecology and the outdoors, have been published by Esquire, The Nation, and National Geographic.  He claims to be from Missouri, and this year he is writing about rivers in and beyond the state.  He is from Illinois.

Lizzy Petersen

Lizzy Petersen is a St. Louis native.  Her poetry has appeared in or is forthcoming from Beloit Poetry Journal, Birmingham Poetry Review, Carve, FifthWednesdayPlus, The Journal, Midwestern Gothic, Moon City Review, New South, RHINO, and Southern Humanities Review.  She previously served as the Managing Editor of the literary magazine River Styx, for which she currently runs an after-school outreach program through a partnership with St. Louis Public Schools called OutsideLitMag.com.

A.J. Ward

A.J. Ward is a singer/songwriter living in St. Louis.  He has released 5 albums and played in sweaty basements all over the U.S.  He has had poems published in SCOPE Literary Journal and works as a baker in South City.  He’d love it if you told him about weird foods from your hometown.