second friday notes

Dierbergs Market in Des Peres.

Manchester Road at Lindemann, between Lindbergh and I-270.
Readings on Mezzanine level. Elevator access from covered parking garage below the store. Begins at 7 p.m. Free!

Series curated by: Glenn Boothe

October 13, 2017
7 p.m.

Featured Poets To Be Announced
Music by Olympia (Lia Glynias)

Olympia (Lia Glynias) is an American singer-songwriter whose influences range from St. Louis Rhythm & Blues to Jazz, bluegrass, and country music.  In 2013 Lia played her first show in Brooklyn, NY and has traveled across the country playing music from Florida to California.  A jazz vocalist at heart, she’s most recognized for her playful runs and artistic use of pause and emotion to take a quiet moment and make it large enough to fill a room.


second friday notes poetry series is graciously underwritten by Dierbergs.