Honorable Mention – 2021 Beverly Hopkins Contest for High School Students

Advice from Your Daily Horoscope

Ladue Horton Watkins High School

the moon is in your house tonight. it’s paying a
special house call just to tell you:
get your life together, already, would you?
philosophical Jupiter will have you questioning your
existence. your seventh and eleventh houses will
collide and you will meet new people, or old people, or
maybe they won’t even be people. introspective
Venus will make you see the light. you will most likely
trip and fall down a set of steep stairs, Geminis. sorry
but I don’t make the rules. functioning may will
be hard for all you Capricorns out
there when Pluto’s unbridled anxiety starts a back-alley
catfight with brash Mars and starts to signal inevitable
doomsday in your eleventh-house-
it all seems like craziness, I know: your birthday is speaking to you
now. last night your shadow started screaming the philosophical
divine. the signs are here
waiting. are you ready
to read them?