Trivia Night FAQ’s

So what’s a trivia night?

A trivia night is an informal, fun game night where teams compete to see who has the greatest knowledge of trivia. Ours will be general trivia, testing players’ knowledge in everything from politics to pop culture to poetry, and then some. There will be 5 rounds with 8 questions each.

Okay, so then what’s a virtual trivia night?

It’s just like an in-person trivia night, but we play over Zoom (a video conference system). After introductions and game rules, the live host will read questions, which will also appear on your Zoom screen.

About these teams?

At this event, a team consists of 8 people, including a team captain. Full payment of $200 is due at time of registration to secure your team’s spot. So sorry, but we are unable to accomodate individual players this year.

Team captain?

Each team will need a captain, who serves as the team’s main contact person. Team captains will register all of their team players prior to the event. We will also offer a Zoom training for team captains who are interested.

How do we join the event?

Participants will need access to an internet-connected device with video capabilities. This can be a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet.

Upon registration, you will receive a private and secure Zoom link. We will also provide detailed instructions on how to join the event from your computer, phone, or tablet and we will set up a training time with each team captain prior to the event.

How will our team play as, you know, a team?

We will assign everyone on your team to a breakout team room within the Zoom system. If your team will be in one location during the event, you can share your computer/video with your isolation buddy(ies) or you can each have your own computer sitting around a table. All 8 members of your team can also be in their own isolation locations and we will link you all together.

Uh, mulligans? Party packs?

Mulligans are like freebees! One mulligan is a free point and can be used in place of a written/typed answer. There is a limit of 5 mulligans (one set) per team, which must be purchased prior to the event.

Teams will be able to stop by High Low the week of October 12 to pick up a Trivia Party Pack containing local brews and more! Team captains can pick up for your entire team or have each team member pick up their own. More details will be provided closer to the event.

Other questions?

Email team reservation questions and other questions to:
[email protected]